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Selection Of Hot Melt Adhesives For Footwear
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Composite is one of the core links in the process of shoe making, which can be said to run through the various parts of the shoe production, such as the need for the sole composite, uppers need to compound, insoles need to compound. At present, the composite adhesive used in shoemaking industry is mainly hot melt adhesive.
Hot-melt adhesives for shoes are divided into five main categories according to the material: Eva Hot Melt adhesive film, TPU Hot Melt adhesive film, PES Hot Melt adhesive film, PA Hot Melt adhesive film, PO Hot Melt adhesive film, shoes different parts of the compound, according to different temperature melting point choice different material Hot Melt adhesive film.
Of course, in the selection of hot melts of shoes also need to consider the quality of the finished product, because the different materials of the hot melt adhesive film, according to the composite strength of different grades.

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