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PVC Sealing Edge With What Glue To Use
- Jun 07, 2017 -

PVC adhesive used in the glue commonly used has hot melts, universal plastic, specifically, which is useful, this needs to cover the requirements of the edge and application environment.
1. Hot Melt Adhesive
In some manufacturers, hot melts need to be equipped with edge banding machine to carry out the edge. In the actual edge operation, because of PVC material, the temperature of the sealing edge hot melts must be controlled well. To remind you, the temperature on the edge of the machine is not necessarily the temperature on the glue roller. The adhesive effect of different temperature on PVC is not the same. Moreover, hot melts to PVC affinity is good, heat and cold resistance, used to seal the edge is a good choice.
2. Adhesive
Some small workshops like to use adhesive to seal the edge, this kind of gum is usually chloroprene rubber, the smell is relatively big and pungent, more for artificial seal edge. PVC Edge When the operation is also very simple, with a brush brush a few, so that the glue layer has a certain thickness, there is a certain infiltration of the time, the edge of the sealing bar to press up, the best again with a hammer to knock a few, so that the glue to the PVC adhesion more firmly.