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Paper Tray Open Reason
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Paper tray Open One of the reasons: after gluing, folding pressure is not enough or long enough. Hot melts before cooling, you need to penetrate the surface of the carton. If the strength and time of the folding pressure is sufficient, this helps the hot melt adhesive on the surface of the carton, so that the paste more tightly, the paper box adhesive mouth is not easily cracked.
Paper Tray Open reason two: Hot melts the performance does not reach the paper tray material adhesive requirements. Some cartons may be coated on the surface, even if the use of strong penetration of hot melts adhesive paste, paste effect will be more or less affected. And in the glue, to ensure that the amount of glue is sufficient, as far as possible not to affect the paper tray adhesion effect. Therefore, before gluing, carton manufacturers should fully consider the current use of hot melts to the surface treatment of the carton infiltration.