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How To Identify The Quality Of Hot Melts
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Hot melts the quality of the indicators are more, need special equipment and appropriate testing environment, in the absence of equipment, the first look at the appearance of the glue type is consistent, there is no bubble. Second, the glue is melted into 1CM thickness of about 0.2CM of tape.
After cooling, stretch the tape with the hand to see if the tensile rate can meet the standard. If the strength is sufficient, the rupture port can keep the color unchanged. If there is a powdery substance, indicating that the filler is too much or mixed unevenly, or the filler particles through the large, will cause major quality accidents.
Next, the colloidal particles stored in 0 Shan environment, to maintain 24 hours after the removal, with hard objects, if the occurrence of brittle crack phenomenon, indicating low temperature resistance. Do not put the glue in the 40 Shan temperature after a certain amount of time, if the glue is weak, self-adhesive or sticky hand indicates that the softening point of the gum is low. If the product belongs to the same grade, the yellow gum is superior to the white gum because of its formula, process, just white gum added to the titanium dioxide, due to the poor melting of titanium dioxide, so that the hardness and viscosity of white gum to reduce, easy to precipitate, preheating barrels and other heating device inconvenience clean-up, once deposited in the heating site, will lead to lower heating effect.