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Changes In The Binding Of Hot Melts To Books
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Eva Hot Melt Adhesive is the most use of a book linked materials, that is, binding materials binding adhesive; The reason is that it has a lot of advantages, and it is appropriate to book fast, can shorten the publishing cycle, adapt to the needs of modern society fast-paced, improve production efficiency.
Characteristics of EVA hot-melt adhesive rod and pressure sensitive adhesive
1. At room temperature is usually solid, heated to a certain degree when melting into a liquid adhesive, once cooled to the melting point below, there is a rapid change to solid (hardening after solid block), and easy to keep storage.
2. Fast curing, low pollution, adhesive strong, adhesive layer has a certain degree of flexibility, but also a certain hardness, is suitable for books and periodicals of the bond.
When the glue is applied to the adhesive, the glue layer solidifies or hardens, and can be reheated and softened again, restoring the adhesive shape and bonding again. Conducive to defective recovery.
4. Easy to use. As long as the hot melts into the receptacle in the bath hot melt into the desired viscosity of the liquid viscosity, and daub on the sticky object, after neat pressing, in a few seconds can complete bonding curing, 3 minutes or so can achieve hardening cooling drying degree, can be cut into a book.
Not only can make the book more beautiful, but also effectively improve production efficiency, so that high-temperature hot melts in the book bookbinding.