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Which factors affect the bonding effect of hot melt adhesive
- Jun 07, 2017 -

1. Viscosity: Affect fluidity, permeability, spraying performance, glue temperature, wire drawing, the amount of glue, etc.
2. Softening point: Affect the use of rubber temperature, heat resistance, curing speed and so on.
3. Opening hours: Affect operational applicability, penetration and bonding strength.
4. Curing speed: Affect the production speed, bonding strength.
5. Affinity: Affect bonding strength.
6. Cohesion: Affect the resistance to transfer, peel strength or shear chord.
7. Thermal viscosity: Affect the bonding effect.
8. Temperature resistance and so on: affect the final bonding system can withstand temperatures.
9. Equipment and processes and other foundations will have an impact on the effect of hot melts.