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Type of hot melts
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Furniture Hot Melt Adhesive-for wood, furniture fitting wood edge, PVC, melamine resin and so on. Applicable to a variety of linear edge banding machine, curved edge machine, soft forming edge machine, after forming the edge banding machine.
Hot Melt Adhesive Packaging-for automatic carton, carton packaging production, food packaging, flexible packaging, medical packaging, bottles and cans label.
Collers binding Hot Melt Adhesive-for books, wireless binding and so on.
Leather shoes stereotypes hot melts-for leather shoes stereotypes.
Plywood hot-melt adhesive-for wood flooring production, plywood splicing and so on.
Pressure-sensitive hot melts-used to make sanitary napkins for women.
Glue gun Hot Melt Adhesive--used for stick-like hot melt glue gun, glue a variety of handicraft and so on.
Hot-shrink casing hot-melt adhesive-Used for communication cable plastic heat shrink casing, oil casing and other heat shrinkable materials (PE, PP, PVA, PVC ...) ).
Clothing interlining Hot Melt adhesive-for clothing collar lining, waist lining and so on bonding.