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Sealing Hot Melt Adhesives Overview
- Jun 07, 2017 -

For industrial enterprises, when the product loaded into the carton, the next step will face the problem of sealing. At present, most of the enterprises, the traditional use of the U-type sealing box nails, strapping plastic braid and other forms, and these cases are more or less the form of a certain defect; In addition, in the cold climate area is easy to appear open, bundling plastic braid with high cost and do not meet environmental requirements, nailing easily affect the quality of product packaging, and easily damaged in the box products.
Hot melts is a new type of sealing material in the last century 60 's, after more than 40 years of popularization, hot melt sealing box technology has developed into a kind of main carton sealing form in western developed countries. In China, hot melts first appeared, because the price is expensive, difficult to promote, but in recent years because of domestic hot melts company has been built in Guangdong, China, reduced the cost, so that hot melts have made a reasonable economy, this is the hot melts in China's wide application laid the foundation.