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Daily use of hot melt adhesive Tips
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Hot melts do not need to be specialized personnel to use, many times, in the home can also be used, only need to have a full range of equipment, you can operate on a number of specific equipment, but whether it is professional people, we should pay attention to the use of hot melts, to avoid unnecessary waste, and security can also be guaranteed.
1, hot melts in hot melt glue gun to fully preheat.
2, hot melts must be fully melted to squeeze on the workpiece, otherwise, the characteristics of hot melts will not be very good to play.
3, hot melts in the hot melt glue gun if the short time no longer use, should be hot melts the gun's gun head to erect the hot melt glue gun, lest the hot melts melt melts the reflux.
When the need for adhesive professional equipment, as far as possible to the professional to operate, to avoid the misuse of equipment to bring the impact, in addition, if the performance of hot melts, such as do not know too much, try not to rush operation, so as not to cause unnecessary damage or product waste.